Sprint Nextel Plans To Roll Out 4G LTE Network; Popcorn Contains Antioxidants

Sprint Nextel Sprint Nextel Corp does not confront curbs on whether it could market a potential Apple Inc. iPhone, which functions on a speedier 4G LTE network.

Zyanga Inc. announced on Wednesday that its secondary offering proposed to enhance the quantity of stock accessible to the public, lessen volatility and permit insiders to cash out has valued at $12 a share.

Rihanna had been romantically associated to Ashton Kutcher last week, when a report turned up that she had headed over to the actor's house late one night and spend several hours with him.

A new research by Tufts University disclosed that popcorn may hold advanced levels of healthy antioxidants called polyphenols than some fruits and veggies.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launching Date Leaked

Samsung Samsung’s new Galaxy Note confirms that a stylus — or pen, as the company insists on referring to it — can be helpful and even exciting, particularly for scrawling an on-screen annotation or for creative types who wish to dash off a quick sketch on its 5.3-inch screen.

Oil advanced for the first time in three days in New York, cutting down a weekly decline as capitalists bet that demand for fuel will fortify with a financial recovery in the U.S., the globe’s largest crude consumer.

The people were shocked in February when Rihanna tapped rude ex-beau Chris Brown to sing on a sexually explicit remix of her song Birthday Cake and she, in order, sung a remix of his personal song "Turn Up the Music."

EBay Records Big Jump In Net Profit; Rihanna Spending Good Time With Chris Brown

Ebay The web auction site EBay has registered a big jump in its quarterly numbers. Net income for Oct-Dec period of 2011 stood at $1.98 billion, up from $559 million during the same period of 2010.

The surprising news doing the rounds is that, Rihanna has reportedly been spending good time with her rather bashy ex, Chris Brown.

Sleeping after a shocking event might shut up terrible memories and feelings, a novel research has discovered.

Wikipedia, Google and other internet sites turned normal on Thursday after a number of lawmakers did an turnaround on support for U.S. web piracy statute law.

LG To Unveil 84-Inch 3DTV At CES; Chinese Manufacturing Continues To Decline

LG Electronics
LG Electronics will showcase the "globe's biggest" 3D Ultra Definition (UD) HDTV at CES 2012 in Las Vegas by January 2012.

Rihanna and Chris Brown appear to be exchanging subliminal messages with each other on the
social networking site, Twitter. Are they possibly provoking their quixotic feelings for each other?

Aged people with lofty levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B, C, D and E in their blood did better on certain measurements of thinking capabilities, and also inclined to have superior brain volume, a novel research stated.

China's manufacturing action carried on constricting in December 2011, as financial trouble
in the major European and US markets hit demand for the country's goods.

Sarkozy, Merkel To Seek Novel EU Pact To Deal With Crisis; Microsoft Upgrades Xbox Live

Angela Merkel Under the force of financial disaster and with the euro currency at risk, the two key heads of the euro zone stated that they would jointly push to reconstruct the EU into a more structured political and monetary federation.

Microsoft declared that the novel edition of its Xbox Live user interface will assist alter entertainment on the TV set. The upgrade goes live today.

In the Polish research, released in the European Journal of Personality, partakers were asked to evaluate how friendly, worried or dominant individuals were by just taking a smell of their clothes.

Rihanna asked for a bigger backstage area for her attires during a recital at the weekend.

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