Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy, Merkel To Seek Novel EU Pact To Deal With Crisis; Microsoft Upgrades Xbox Live

Angela Merkel Under the force of financial disaster and with the euro currency at risk, the two key heads of the euro zone stated that they would jointly push to reconstruct the EU into a more structured political and monetary federation.

Microsoft declared that the novel edition of its Xbox Live user interface will assist alter entertainment on the TV set. The upgrade goes live today.

In the Polish research, released in the European Journal of Personality, partakers were asked to evaluate how friendly, worried or dominant individuals were by just taking a smell of their clothes.

Rihanna asked for a bigger backstage area for her attires during a recital at the weekend.

Asian Bourses Surge Ahead Of Merkel-Sarkozy Meet; Multivitamins May Raise Pregnancy Chances

Nicolas Sarkozy Asian bourses were mostly higher today amid anticipations that a meeting of European heads later this week will yield a breakthrough for determining the continent's sovereign debt disaster.

The study by the University College London discovered that women trying to conceive should take multivitamins as it could double up their possibilities of getting pregnant.

Brooke Mueller, ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, was detained at an Aspen nightclub on doubt of stabbing and holding cocaine with target to distribute.

Social networking giant Facebook declared its plans to launch a novel engineering office in NYC by 2012.

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