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Alibaba Buys Back Yahoo Stake

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Yahoo is in the process of selling half of its about 40% holding stake in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., one of the most flourishing firms in China's speedily growing Internet market.

Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg has tied the nuptial knot with her long time lady love, Priscilla Chan.

Katy Perry’s love life is hitting headlines again. The pop diva has reportedly ended her love relationship with Robert Ackroyd.

It has been recently disclosed in a report that there are attempts going to be made for accurately making people alert about the need for putting control over their high blood pressures.

Facebook Acquires Instagram; Miley Cyrus Is Not Anorexic

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has acclaimed his $1bn acquirement of the photo-sharing application Instagram as "a significant landmark" on his own Facebook page.

Singer-actress Miley Cyrus has fired back at fake stories, which claims she is craving herself to stay thin saying she has gluten and lactose allergy and that’s why she conumes less.

AOL declared on Monday that it is selling over 800 exclusive rights to Microsoft for about $1 billion, marking the most recent salvo in the technology industry’s thoroughgoing battle over who controls the most moneymaking ideas powering the web as well as smartphones.

Zuckerberg Returns To Harvard; Joe Frazier Dies At 67

Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook’s co-founder, confirmed the possibility today at Harvard University, where he made his first official visit since he left the school 7 years back with the aim to bring his on-line social media firm to California’s Silicon Valley.

Toyota Motor Toyota Motor Corp. accompanied a host of Japanese exporters taking a harsh hit from the yen's unyielding potency, registering a 19% profit decline for its fiscal second quarter Tuesday.

Former heavyweight boxing champ Joe Frazier expired on November 07, after he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. He was 67 years old .

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