Facebook Increases IPO Size By 25%; Petrobras Quarterly Income Hits Estimations

Facebook Facebook will augment the size of its IPO by around 25% to lift up approx $15 billion, as sturdy investor demand for a share of the social network trumped continuing debate regarding the firm's long-term potential to earn money.

Petrobras (Petroleo Brasileiro SA), the globe’s fifth-biggest oil firm by market value, stated that its first-quarter profit exceeded analysts’ projections owing to augmented income from gasoline sales and advanced crude exports.

Jennifer Lopez still has no plan regarding her future on American Idol.

Britney Wants Demi Lovato For X Factor

Britney Spears As per reports, Britney Spears is hoping that Demi Lovato will sign up as a judge for X Factor. Britney is said to have decided a contract to join the judging board of the US edition of the TV talent show, with a declaration expected shortly.

Facebook has set the share price for its forthcoming initial public offering (IPO) at between $28 and $35 a share, valuing the firm at between $85bn-$95bn (£52bn-£59bn).

Samsung and Pantech set their cards on the table, and now it is time for LG: the third major Korean electronics maker to disclose a flagship smartphone this week.

According to recent discoveries, it has been stated that number of males diagnosed with prostate cancer are going up every year.

CA Lawmaker Requires "Facebook" Legislation

Facebook Facebook Inc. moved on Monday to disprove the claims by an entrepreneur that he possess a major equity stake in the social network.

People who are making attempts to shed body weight may not require to bar chocolate from their diets.

Spain based Caixabank has entered into an acquisition agreement to get hold of Banca Civica for EUR977m that will generate the nation's biggest domestic lender.

Pop star Justin Bieber reentered the public awareness today with the release of his fresh single “Boyfriend”, and not shockingly, his biggest buffs seem to be eating it up.

Jobs Asked Eric To Stop Hunting Apple Staff

Steve Jobs Apple's Steve Jobs openly asked Eric Schmidt to stop trying to take on an Apple engineer, a transgression, which pressured one junior Google employee's job.

More mothers in the United States are trending in the direction of home births. As per National Center for Health Statistics, home births have surged 29% since the year 2004.

It's one of the most terrible discussions parents can have with their children but Heidi Klum and Seal have broken the news of their
divorce to their kids.

Facebook could register papers for its IPO as early as next week, people acquainted with the issue stated, as expectation mounts for what is expected to be one of the chief debuts for a U.S. firm.

Salman Rushdie Not Attending Literature Festival In India; Intel Registers Profit

Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie will not be a part of a literature festival in India after agencies admonished the controversial writer he was a possible target of assassins at the occasion.

Chip manufacturer Intel registered record full-year income and profits in spite of a slight slump in the fourth quarter associated to the impact of Thailand's floods on the PC business.

Facebook Inc. considerably elaborated the external services available to offer interaction on the social site, appending dozens of tools comprising cooking and fashion apps to build on its status as the globe's most popular online networking service.

President Barack Obama's verdict to provisionally barricade a pipeline from Alberta to Texas went over severely in Canada, but Canadian functionaries are confident it finally will get sanctioned.

Facebook To Hit 1 Bln Users Mark By Aug 2012; Gut Hormone May Help Treat Obesity

Facebook Recently, social networking site Facebook confirmed that it has over 800 million active users at this time. Expansion of Facebook shows no indication of retardation, but just how fast is it arising.

JP Morgan Chase, the largest banking institution in the United States, announced its fourth quarter earnings on January 13 that failed to meet the Wall Street projections.

Who will be the next Miss America? The 2012 rivalry for the All-American females is in progress.

Researchers have discovered a gut hormone, which is able to restrain appetite that may assist obese individuals lose weight and maintain their blood pressure.

Former Supermodel Brinkley To Settle Tax Debt; New Sugar May Thwart Heart Illness

Christie Brinkley The 57-year-old Christie Brinkley has promised to clear up her $500,000 tax debt claiming that she regrets not paying attention to her funds. Brinkley hit the list of non-tax payers published by the America's Internal Revenue Service earlier this month.

Facebook said it has began rolling out its much-awaited Timeline trait, and the New Zealanders become the first to obtain it.

As per fresh reports, a novel kind of sugar, which consists of selenium could aid prevent heart illness by closing up tissue-damaging acids. Corin Storkey made the detection while studying at the University of Melbourne.

Tepco scrip dropped around 16.7% in early Tokyo trade after the Mainichi daily stated the administration was planning to purchase around 1.0 trillion yen worth of the firm's novel shares by 2012.

Asian Bourses Surge Ahead Of Merkel-Sarkozy Meet; Multivitamins May Raise Pregnancy Chances

Nicolas Sarkozy Asian bourses were mostly higher today amid anticipations that a meeting of European heads later this week will yield a breakthrough for determining the continent's sovereign debt disaster.

The study by the University College London discovered that women trying to conceive should take multivitamins as it could double up their possibilities of getting pregnant.

Brooke Mueller, ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, was detained at an Aspen nightclub on doubt of stabbing and holding cocaine with target to distribute.

Social networking giant Facebook declared its plans to launch a novel engineering office in NYC by 2012.

Miley Calls Herself A ‘Stoner’; Facebook’s IPO Offer By April-June Next Year

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus' representative and her best pal Kelly Osbourne have shielded the singer, stating that she was simply kidding when she termed herself a "stoner".

Facebook's initial public offering (IPO) has been the basis of Wall Street conjecture for months. Some believed the IPO would approach this year, others said that it wouldn't turn up until late 2012.

As per the outcomes of a Deakin University research, childless females may experience shoddier physical condition and wellbeing as compared to the general Australian female inhabitants.

ASUS’s Transformer Prime is doubtless the most favorite tablet in the technology world at the moment. Though it was anticipated to reach markets in the mid of the holiday time, an accurate date was yet unidentified.

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