JP Morgan Chase Injects $400 Mn In China Division

JP Morgan Chase JP Morgan Chase has injected around 2.5 billion yuan ($394.08 million) into its Chinese division, the latest foreign banking institution to strengthen its Chinese operations.

RIM (Research In Motion), the sick manufacturer of the BlackBerry, is making plans to slash around 2,000 jobs as part of a worldwide restructuring plan.

Justin Bieber is wanted for interrogation by Los Angeles County Sheriff's detectives after a photographer complained of being treated violently by the pop star at a shopping center.

It has been asked by a group of researchers from the University of Victoria that rates of caffeinated alcoholic beverages should be lifted up or else people would carry on consuming these destructive beverages at a fast rate.

Twitter Bawls Out Novel Google Search Feature; China’s Inflation At 15-Month Low

Twitter Google, which launched the Search Plus Your World
trait this week, is under attack from the social networking site, Twitter.

British songster Adele started the New Year (2012) just like much of 2011 – topping the Billboard album graphs, for a 15th week, with her popular "21".

China’s rate of inflation was little altered in the month of December, in spite of administrative attempts to cut back costs. Consumer rates surged 4.1% as against December 2010.

To assist tobacco users give up, there are nicotine patches and heroin users have methadone hydrochloride.

Eurozone Crisis Continues; Teva Pharmaceutical welcomes New CEO

Eurozone Crisis may continue in the first quarter of 2012. The European Leaders are trying to fight the trouble as reports indicate more trouble in 2012 compared to last year.

New CEO at Teva Pharmaceutical will start his term at world's biggest generics firm based in Israel.

Indian Manufacturing growth brings positive surprise for everyone. Indian government has been facing pressure due to rising prices and decline in growth. But the report released today, would shut the mouth of opponents, who have been playing against the Indian growth story. The stock markets were still trading flat.

LG To Unveil 84-Inch 3DTV At CES; Chinese Manufacturing Continues To Decline

LG Electronics
LG Electronics will showcase the "globe's biggest" 3D Ultra Definition (UD) HDTV at CES 2012 in Las Vegas by January 2012.

Rihanna and Chris Brown appear to be exchanging subliminal messages with each other on the
social networking site, Twitter. Are they possibly provoking their quixotic feelings for each other?

Aged people with lofty levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B, C, D and E in their blood did better on certain measurements of thinking capabilities, and also inclined to have superior brain volume, a novel research stated.

China's manufacturing action carried on constricting in December 2011, as financial trouble
in the major European and US markets hit demand for the country's goods.

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