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US Government Shutdown; Venezuela Hard on US Diplomats

US government has no option but to shutdown as the country is not having funds to run the government. More trouble will come for United States on October 17, when the 17 trillion USD debt limit will be used. The US President Barack Obama has blamed the GOP for US government shutdown.

In a first of its kind action in India, Congress Member of Parliament Rasheed Masood has been jailed for 4 years. He has also been disqualified from the Parliament as he was found guilty in medical students admission scam.

Venezuela has expelled three US diplomats. The Prime Minister Maduro has blamed the three diplomats for their role in power-grid sabotage in September. Also, they have been blamed for bribing Venezuelan companies.

Women in India are making money by Surrogacy. Indian surrogate mothers are bearing children of people from United States and UK.

Aurora Townhouse Killing Leaves Four Dead

President Barack Obama has expressed grief over four persons killed in Aurora Townhouse, Colo. United States. The nation is mourning the death of innocent people and there are various reports about things getting worse in United States. People are discussing the major issue on Facebook and Twitter.

Financial experts are warning that the problems for United States haven't yet ended. President Obama may have reached a deal to avert fiscal cliff, but there are still issues that need to be resolved.

Strong earthquake was felt in parts of Alaska and Canada. The Tsunami warnings issued after the quake have been cancelled. The situation seems to be in control now.

Bethenny Frankel has filed for divorce. She announced before Christmas that she has split from her husband Jason Hoppy.

Hillary Says US Is Moving To Enforce Harder Iran Sanctions; Jennifer Delivers A Baby Boy

Hillary Clinton U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday pledged to aggressively execute novel U.S. authorizations on Iran but mentioned that some associates like Japan confront unique situations as they try to lessen Iranian oil imports.

Dell developing its biz away from a dependence on PC shipments toward supplying high-end servers, gizmos, and rack-mount virtualization packages for the enterprise data center.

A novel official study has disclosed that British residents are determined to be contented regardless of the nation’s economic sufferings.

Jennifer Garner has given birth to a baby boy. Jennifer gave birth to her first daughter in December 2005, and second daughter Seraphina in 2009.

Why US President Backed Down On Birth Control; Beyonce-Jay-Z Posts Blue Ivy’s Pics

Barack Obama Under severe election-year blaze, US President Barack Obama on February 10 abruptly abandoned his stand that sacred groups must pay for family planning for workers, clambering to stop a commotion raging from the Catholic Church to Congress to his re-election foes.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. bagged a hotly contended bid for a large bunch of high-risk mortgage bonds from the 2008 bailout of AIG Inc., in a sale, which was a win for both the Wall Street company and New York’s Federal Reserve Bank.

Well known rapper Jay-Z and his loving wifey Beyonce Knowles revealed highly-awaited pics of their baby doll
Blue Ivy Carter on February 10, preferring to post close family shots on Tumblr rather than selling them to the top bidder.

US President Pushes Jobs For Veterans; Kim Dating Mark Sanchez

Barack Obama The explosion of job development during the month of January offers US President Barack Obama a fresh — but complicated — chance to amend the bleak financial narrative of his presidency while offering Mitt Romney an option: hold a new optimism or movement against a sinking financial system even as it shows signals of picking up.

Vitamin D is especially very essential for preggies as its lack can lead to rickets in their infants. It is a type of illness that takes place owing to the shortage of vitamin D.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) novel chief executive delivered an enthusiastic pitch in his debut before Wall Street forecasters, stating he was getting the struggling PC chip producer "fit to fight" in a fast-altering computer business.

Salman Rushdie Not Attending Literature Festival In India; Intel Registers Profit

Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie will not be a part of a literature festival in India after agencies admonished the controversial writer he was a possible target of assassins at the occasion.

Chip manufacturer Intel registered record full-year income and profits in spite of a slight slump in the fourth quarter associated to the impact of Thailand's floods on the PC business.

Facebook Inc. considerably elaborated the external services available to offer interaction on the social site, appending dozens of tools comprising cooking and fashion apps to build on its status as the globe's most popular online networking service.

President Barack Obama's verdict to provisionally barricade a pipeline from Alberta to Texas went over severely in Canada, but Canadian functionaries are confident it finally will get sanctioned.

Obama Raked In Over $68 Mln For Campaign; Heather Locklear Hospitalized

Barack Obama President Barack Obama raked in over $68 million combined for his reelection operation and the Democratic Party in Oct-Dec period of the last year, preparing for a difficult challenge against his Republican rival in 2012.

Heather Locklear was in "medically stable" state at a Thousand Oaks, Calif., hospital on January 12 night with her mom and dad with her.

Sales of Lipitor, the top-selling medication in history, have leveled off after a steep fall accompanying the start of United States generic rivalry.

A novel research carried out by Australian researchers detected that consuming folic acid and vitamin B12 supplements can thwart memory loss in individuals aged above 60.

Obama's 2012 Operation Joins Google+; 3-in-1 Pill For Hypertension Launched

Barack Obama US President Barack Obama's reelection operation, Obama for America, has produced a Google+ page, linking up some Republican challengers who are eyeing to extend to voters on the developing social network.

Justin Bieber took a DNA examination on Friday in reaction to the fatherhood case filed against him by Mariah Yeater, a Californian female stating the singer fathered her 4-month-old baby boy, and now Yeater's legal representative said that his client will submit her baby for screening.

Individuals suffering from hyperhtension (high BP) can now handle with just a three-pill combination, after it was released.

Obama Postpones Keystone XL Verdict; Mariah Sheds 30 Pounds In 3 Months

Barack Obama The Obama government, under sharp pressure from functionaries in Nebraska and agitated environmental activists, declared that it would evaluate the path of the doubtful Keystone XL oil pipeline , effectively holding up any verdict about its fortune until after the 2012 poll.

The route all strains of the most lethal plasmodium use to enter red blood cells (RBC) has been discovered by scientists at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge. Other medical specialists stated that they were astonished and overwhelmed.

A raft of advanced technologies make the Honda Asimo humanoid robotic machine even more manlike. Honda’s Asimo robot is now capable of acting without being operated by a manipulator.

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