Ashton Kutcher

Filling RIM's Application Gap

Research In Motion RIM (Research In Motion) chief executive officer Thorsten Heins dismissed the notion that the firm would rid its BlackBerry gimmicks of their physical keyboards.

In a yearly review, executives positioned California as the worst region to do biz for the eighth year consecutively.

An online advertisement boasting Ashton Kutcher as an Indian male has been pulled offline after audience called it racist.

Being lethargic can help weight loss as a research detected getting nine hours a night counterbalances a genetic tendency to obesity.

Tim Cook Is More Popular Than Jobs As Apple CEO

Tim Cook With a staggering 97% approval ranking among staff, Apple's Tim Cook has picked up the spot as the top tech chief executive officer (CEO), according to a novel review from the career website

As per reports, Ashton Kutcher has been attached to don the character of Apple founder Steve Jobs in an indie film called 'Jobs'.

Southwest Airlines Co. declared last week that it's lifting up ticket rates to counterbalance the soaring cost of jet fuel. And several other big airline companies are already accompanying Southwest's lead.

A study carried out by University of British Columbia's Department of Psychology stated that when coffee refreshes lethargic people, at the same time it also droops off those active hard workers.

Sprint Nextel Plans To Roll Out 4G LTE Network; Popcorn Contains Antioxidants

Sprint Nextel Sprint Nextel Corp does not confront curbs on whether it could market a potential Apple Inc. iPhone, which functions on a speedier 4G LTE network.

Zyanga Inc. announced on Wednesday that its secondary offering proposed to enhance the quantity of stock accessible to the public, lessen volatility and permit insiders to cash out has valued at $12 a share.

Rihanna had been romantically associated to Ashton Kutcher last week, when a report turned up that she had headed over to the actor's house late one night and spend several hours with him.

A new research by Tufts University disclosed that popcorn may hold advanced levels of healthy antioxidants called polyphenols than some fruits and veggies.

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